Pumps & Rotors

Pump Rebuilding service:

Hi-Temp can now completely refurbish positive displacement pumps. Our service includes complete or partial rebuilds. We give you what you need. Our services include gearbox rebuilds along with all New bearings and seals. Pump head machining and new Hi-Temp Rotors are included with all rebuilds. You can see the difference that Hi-Temp provides.

Before Hi-Temp cleaning After Hi-Temp Cleaning

New non-galling alloy stainless steel 2, 4 and 5-lobe rotors fit Crepaco*, Tri-Clover* and Waukesha* pumps built to the highest tolerances that the pump will allow. These rotors can be sized to meet heat and viscosity requirements for any pumping application.

All new non-galling, all stainless steel and rubber coated replacement rotors for Waukesha* Pumps. We offer all stainless 2-lobe wing style, and our new f-lobe rotors.
We also offer a rubber coated 4-lobe rotor that is half the cost and can be reconditioned. We offer these rotors in sizes from 30 to 220, whether all stainless, or rubber coated.


New Crepaco* Rotors

We offer a full line of Crepaco*replacement rotors for pump sizes 0 through 700. These rotors are made from an all metal core and coated with our highest quality rubber compounds. We also offer all sizes in non-galling stainless steel in 1, 2, 4 and 5-lobe configurations.



New Tri-Clover* Rotors

Our team manufactures new rotors to fit Tri-Clover* pumps right here in our plant. From start to finish we control all aspects of the manufacture of new non-galling stainless steel rotors and all stainless rubber coated rotors. These are made to the highest standards for new replacement rotors. They are available in sizes R-6 to R-300 in 2 or 4-lobe configurations. As always, they can be coated in Nitrile, EPDM and Viton.

Crepaco* Reconditioning

Our reconditioning service on pump rotors is second to none. All parts are inspected, cleaned and recoated with the highest quality rubber compounds (including Nitrile, EPDM, and Viton) every rotor is inspected throughout the process and sized to the temperature that you require.
Service: Most all replacement rotors have a 7 day in-plant turnaround time. We strive to give you the fastest turnaround possible and some are shipped the same day.

Tri-Clover* Reconditioning

We can recondition all sizes on the Tri-Clover*positive pump rotors. All parts receive our utmost attention to provide you with the highest quality parts that you demand. Our mold makers are constantly improving design to offer the best parts available.



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